hello there c:

so you just happened to stumble upon this page :3 so um welcome ^.^

Im sick and tired of everyone thinking that my emotions are a toy!!! it bugs me so much to think how other people feel when stuff like this happens to them :C people like that should just get a god damn cookie shoved down there throat -.- asdjkgsad 

You know what im done……..

Hai c:

Well urmm my name is Tina :3 I’m awkward and stuff like that but um hai…I’m new to tumblr thought id give it a try…but yea follow me if you’d like I guess and stuff c:
A little you should know about meh c:
1: I have an amazing family and I love them
2: I have been clean for 1 month and hope not to start again
3: I love cats and turtles and stuff like that c:
Okayy byeee c:

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